Flood Relief Campaign

Reports claim that more than six weeks of torrential monsoon rains and flash flooding in parts of Pakistan have exposed more than 4,500 farms, towns, and villages, damaged more than 7,200 structures, and claimed the lives of as many as 434 people, 605 are severely injured, 29,067 homes are engulfed in water, nearly 24,420 livestock perishing, and several displaced families, women, and children are living out in the open.

Balochistan, South Punjab, and Hyderabad are three of the largest affected areas, with more than 230 fatalities and 350 injuries so far. Several miles of widespread destruction were caused in Jhal Magsi, Lagos, D.G.Khan, and Rajanpur. Significant amounts of land are underwater in these areas, creating long-term risk of flooding.

EDHI Foundation Pakistan flood relief teams are in Pakistan Efforting various stages in response to natural disasters, at no charge to victims or donors, out there since the day-one of flooding. Encouraging them to rescue people’s lives and livelihood, providing relief assistance, which includes food, dry rations, tarpaulin sheets, medical assistance and other nonessential goods.

Many families, children, and women are still waiting for everyday essentials like cooked food, dry rations, tents, and medical aid, and are sadly in need of them. Donate now and help EDHI Foundation help save thousands of precious lives.