A person – yet similar to an institution

Low educated in philanthropy – yet highly self educated and highly qualified in the knowledge of Philanthropy, and exclusively about the significance of practical service to the nation and country of Pakistan as well as humanity relatively to others who are having highly educated and highly qualified degrees in philanthropy yet not playing any practical role and many other highly educated and highly qualified people never pay a single penny or a single dime, and so on for the cause of service to humanity

Low certified in education – yet highly educated and highly qualified, relatively to those who are having highly educated and highly qualified degrees, yet mostly never take any step ahead to give education to the needy and helpless people

Low profile and self effacing man – yet enjoying a King-like popularity, respect, and prestige across the globe

Edhi is being called as Abbu (in Urdu) Father or Nana (in Urdu) Grandfather by the children being fostered at Edhi homes, whilst other people call him as the “Rahmet kaa Firishtah” means Angel of Mercy, all these realities indicated that, Edhi has been descended on earth by God Almighty to save, foster, and take care of the neglected, deprived, and abandoned children, disabled people, elderly helpless men and women, injured, mentally retarded, drugs addicted, natural disasters’ affected people, and so on

Austerity and simplicity – despite passing enormous and huge amounts through his hands, he never became arrogant and haughty yet the simplicity and austerity is obviously seen from his personality, relatively to those people – at the corridors of power not only in Pakistan even across the world.

Even stories of grave crime can be seen in media by the powerful people in the corridors of power. You might be seeing that how they suppress and depress the poor, instead of helping and serving them, which means the biggest criminals on the earth – who are suppressing the poor and helpless people

Determination like a mountain to promote the noble cause of service to humanity – despite neglecting by the socially, religiously, and politically influential people exclusively neglecting from the western champions of human rights, coupled with the threats from the extremist circles of the society, Edhi serves the humanity without any fear and without any pause – again a greatest source of strength, support, and assistance for the poor and needy in the era of such critical crisis and time of difficulties

Time exclusively reserved for the service to humanity – Edhi categorically has refused to so many individuals and people, from participating in the social gatherings thereby clearly telling them that don’t invite me him participate in any social ceremony that wastes his time waste, his time is totally reserved for the service to humanity – a unique vision, can be seen in anyone among not in the millions but among very few in the billions of people

Real defender and promoter of the rights of women – at such time when people are not ready to give education to their daughters, Edhi gives education to the girls by considering them as his daughters, gives preference to hire ladies for the jobs offered by Edhi Foundation, given the leading roles by selecting them to head many departments of his widespread foundation.